The restaurant is available for our hotel guests until 20:00 o´clock from Monday to Friday.

We also organize small company parties, birthday parties etc. up to 30 persons.
A children´s playground and table tennis in the garden (summer), as well as painting blocks and various board games for the cold seasons are available to our little guests.

We spoil our guests with traditional Austrian cuisine, as well as specialties from Galicia (part of Poland, 135 years under Austrian influence).

Our cellar offers among other things Austrian, Italian, German, French and Spanish wines and a Czech beer "Primator" from the barrel, as well as bottled beer: Primator dark, Austrian wheat beer "Edelweiss" and Krombacher (also alcohol-free).

A large guest garden under chestnut trees invites you to linger and rest for a short or long time.

Opening hours:


Monday - Friday
Saturday, Sunday and holidays

16:00 - 20:00

16:00 - 21:00


Auszug aus unserer Standard - Speisekarte

which is supplemented with regular daily tickets and seasonal dishes.


* Lemon cream soup

* sorrel soup

* To the (light peasant soup) with sausage and potatoes

* Light peasant soup with sausage and potatoes

* Horseradish soup (winter only)

* Cheese soup


* bouquet of diverse salads with baked chicken breast fillet

* Homemade bread with homemade grammel lard

main dishes

* roast pork with plums fried in red wine with dumplings and seasonal cabbage

* Turkey schnitzel baked in a cornflakes coat with parsley potatoes

* Hash dumplings (dumplings stuffed with meat) with goulash juice and sauerkraut

* Pierogi (dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetarian) with fried onions

* Grilled Victoria perch on lemon cream with dill potatoes

* Spinach dumplings filled with ricotta on Italian lescho


* Flambéed Iced Pancakes (with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce)

* Homemade warm plum or apple strudel, with icing sugar or ice cream

* "Hot love" vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream

* various house cakes and ice-cream specialities

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